BIM design

Hydro&Energy offers complete solutions in the field of plumbing, mechanical and fire designs in BIM. We use various software packages compatible with BIM such as Revit which is used for modelling of MEPF systems.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now a very important part of the MEPF design industry as it enables professionals to digitally analyze the main physical and functional characteristics of a project before it is built. Our modeling solutions are based on coordinated, reliable and accurate data thanks to the use of the most up-to-date BIM software.

Building Modeling Information is a process based on 3D models that allows us, in collaboration with architects and other project consultants, to generate a full model of the project, containing all the information of the different disciplines. This model gives our clients the opportunity to have a clear view of their investment in a 3D realistic model before the project is implemented. BIM also, encourages greater communication between architectural, structural and plant consultants, offering to all parties the possibility to control and coordinate the project as never before.

BIM has proved to be very effective in resolving conflicts and constructive and design problems before the construction phase this fundamental aspect translates into significant savings for the customer, in terms of time and costs.

HYDRO&ENERGY provided engineering services for final designs in BIM LOD 350 for plumbing services, fire protection and HVAC system